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About CTI-ME

CTI-ME brings a new meaning to the term ‘Intelligence Advisory.’ We provide Threat Intelligence consultation, solutions, and professional services aimed at enhancing the intelligence and security missions of public and commercial organisations and creating a proactive approach amongst security teams. Through expert analysis of the existing security structure of organisations, we are better able to fulfil short-term and long-term intelligence and security requirements, therefore improving clients’ overall security posture with complementary solutions and services.

We take a proactive approach to understand the priority intelligence requirements of our clients.

We architect Threat Intelligence strategies specific to each organisation.

No one glove fits all; we apply Threat Intelligence across multiple teams with the People, Process & Technology model.

We create robust turnkey solutions instead of depending on a single technology provider.


Laith Alkhouri is the founder and CEO of CTI-ME. Mr. Alkhouri is a highly recognised leader in the security and intelligence space, who previously co-founded New York-based risk intelligence company Flashpoint. A known name in the market, Mr. Alkhouri previously headed Flashpoint’s advanced intelligence solutions and has served as an intelligence advisor to numerous US and global government and commercial entities on matters related to Threat Intelligence, including cybercrime, terrorism, and various intelligence matters. In addition, he served as an on-air Intelligence Analyst for NBC News and is frequently quoted in international media and invited to keynote security conferences. Mr. Alkhouri spent the last 15 years analysing complex physical and cyber threats and shaping security strategies, and he brings a new vision and approach aimed at establishing early understanding, detection and response to threats, and creating robust security vigilance at the core of intelligence operations.

Laith Alkhouri


Thought Leadership


With emergent internal and external threat intelligence challenges, organisations are facing evolving threats that require a proactive approach to mitigate their risk from threat actors and activities. Our approach is based on a strategised, intelligence-driven cyber threat mitigation and covers all the principles of intelligence: timely, streamlined, responsive, objective, programmatic, collaborative, proactive, and robust. CTI-ME provides organisations with a holistic outlook to understanding, analysing, contextualising, and remediating security risks, entailing a complete threat intelligence value addition to the technical, tactical, operational, and strategic teams. Our approach is to elevate the threat intelligence readiness in two unique and complementary ways: distributing niche, cutting-edge Cyber Threat Intelligence technologies that provide meaningful and actionable intelligence; and top-of-the-line professional services entailing intelligence training, capability building, and investigative services. This programmatic and comprehensive approach has been proven to add the most meaningful value to organisations, placing the right security technologies in place and enhancing the know-how of intelligence teams, resulting in a true “add value to the clients” mission.