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Dark Web Intelligence

Access to the world’s largest database of Dark Web underground communities, including criminal forums, dark web marketplaces, and data dump sites. Dark Web Intelligence provides organisations with visibility into some of the most difficult-to-reach communities, enabling analysts to contextualise threats, alert on emergent activities, and integrate with the overall security structure.

Investigative Technology

A powerful on-premise platform that enables public sector entities, such as military, intelligence, and law enforcement, to conduct cyber threat intelligence investigations, entity extraction and analysis, and connecting the cyber world with kinetic activities. The platform enables organisations to digest and analyse structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, extracting highly valuable intelligence, and conducting evidence extraction and management.

Intelligence Platform

Technology enables organisations to proactively become aware of important and critical insights and threats, by aggregating hundreds of thousands of multilingual data sources as well as premium intelligence feeds, enabling cybersecurity, corporate security, crisis management and other teams gain invaluable intelligence on various areas of interests, including threat actors and activities, trends, and hotspots and others, mitigating risk and seamlessly providing actionable insight to make more informed decisions.

Digital Risk Protection

Technology enables organisations to proactively become aware of the risks that may place them in harm’s way, including risk to their brand, attack surface, insider threat, and cybercriminal activity, specifically outside the organisation’s perimeters. DRM enables organisations to privately assess the leak of their data assets, including domains, VIP information, and brands in open, deep and dark web environments, mitigating potentially damaging risk to their brand, clients, and employees.