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10 January 2021

CTI-ME Launches Strategic Partnership with Leading Intelligence Consultancy Treadstone 71

Dubai-based Threat Intelligence Advisory and Distribution Company CTI-ME has launched a strategic partnership with leading US intelligence consultancy Treadstone 71 to bring top-of-the-line cyber threat intelligence services to the GCC and Middle East.

CTI-ME Intelligence Advisory’s founder and CEO, Laith Alkhouri — a recognized name in the threat intelligence space — previously co-founded NY-based risk intelligence company Flashpoint, where he led the research and analysis, counterterrorism, and advanced intelligence solutions departments, working with government and enterprise clients to address emergent physical and cyber threats, including terrorism, cybercrime and insider threats. Bringing his expertise to the GCC and Middle East region, Mr. Alkhouri has developed a unique intelligence model aimed at proactively addressing security challenges with the launch of CTI-ME in Dubai.

Led by renowned intelligence specialist and thought leader Jeffrey Bardin, Treadstone 71 has been at the forefront of addressing threat intelligence challenges for over two decades, providing global clients in the public and commercial spaces with unparalleled adversary research, cyber intelligence analysis, intelligence and counterintelligence training, and in-depth cyber threat intelligence structure blueprints and executions.

“Partnering with Treadstone 71 is a no brainer. Its professional services and programs have contributed a great deal to the cumulative thought leadership in the threat intelligence field,” said Mr. Alkhouri. “With Treadstone 71 on board, CTI-ME is now programmed to bring unmatched and highly critical services to one of the fastest emerging cybersecurity and intelligence markets in the globe.”

With decades of collective experience in cyber threat intelligence, CTI-ME and Treadstone 71 are working on implementing a variety of cutting-edge projects and intelligence structure build-ups in the region, servicing law enforcement, intelligence agencies, regulatory bodies, military entities, as well as technology, financial services, Oil & Gas, Telecom, and big data companies.

“Clients come back to us year-after-year seeking to expand their security programs,” said Jeffrey Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer at Treadstone 71. “Our training courses and strategic intelligence platform quickly move organizations’ cyber threat intelligence teams to the desired maturity, and our extensive bench of cyber intelligence artifacts serves to rapidly enable your team’s knowledge base. We create unbridled, unabridged intelligence for decision-making,” he added. “Partnering with CTI-ME, we are now able to strategically position our threat intelligence models in the GCC and beyond.”

About CTI-ME

CTI-ME is an intelligence advisory and distribution company in Dubai, UAE, providing Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions and professional services to the government and the enterprise. Visit CTI-ME.com for more information.

About Treadstone 71

Treadstone 71 is a Threat Intelligence consultancy headquartered in the United State with a robust portfolio of global clients in the government, financial services, and technology sector, specializing in training, capacity building, and investigations. Visit treadstone71.com for more information.